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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Eagle Funding Resources Inc. – Is Becoming the Leader in Structured Settlements

Eagle Funding Resources Inc is the largest company in the area specializing in turning future payments from structured settlements, annuities, real estate notes and other assets into cash now.

Human beings dream. It's hard-wired into the system. At Eagle Funding Resources, they know something about dreams too. Some dreams are possible with nothing but sweat, talent and hard work. Those are good dreams. But dreams often require money. And very often the traditional sources of capital available to ordinary dreamers are limited.

That's why there's Eagle Funding Resources Inc. The fact is, people who have certain financial assets are often forced to wait to receive the full value. The asset may be a structured settlement or a private mortgage note or even an inheritance stuck in probate.

Now there's a way to take that guaranteed future asset and turn it into a guaranteed present asset - cash. And that's why more individuals have come to Eagle Funding Resources Inc. to finance their dreams. So dream on - dreaming is good.

Walter F. Leach the founder moved to Fredericksburg 10 years ago to raise his son Matthew. Who as an ’05 graduate of Chancellor High School assists in the daily operation of helping others Dreams come true. Eagle Funding Resources Inc is currently doing business from New York to Florida and constantly reaching out around the country.


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