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Monday, May 22, 2006 

Who Should Use Structured Settlements?

From a company that symbolizes significant longevity and premier leadership in the structured settlement industry, you can count on us to get you the results you want from our highly creative, responsive, and professional staffƒa staff that is backed by the best systems in the business and with access to the largest group of annuity providers available.

What are Structured Settlements?

Structured Settlements are most often used to resolve personal physical injury claims or lawsuits by establishing a stream of periodic payments that are funded by annuities provided by highly-rated life insurance companies. If a structured settlement is used to fund a personal physical injury claim, it provides the payments tax-free. A structured settlement can be used to settle non-personal injury claims too.

Who Should Use Structured Settlements?
One or more of the following criteria might be used to determine if structured settlements are appropriate for your personal injury situation:

The loss amount is greater than $10,000 and there is an opportunity to defer some of the payments for three or more years.

There is involvement of a minor child and a loss of $5,000 or more.

The injured party has a desire for the security and peace of mind gained from receiving a steady stream of income from a structured settlement over a long period.

The injured party has little experience and discomfort with managing large sums of money all at once, much less over time.

The injured party wants to shelter the settlement monies from future taxation on the earnings.

The severity of the partyÍs injuries and future care needs will best be served by the periodic payments that can be gained by using a structured settlement.


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