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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

Structured Settlements Brokers

Some companies offer their services in form of brokers or representatives who can deal with the structured settlement process. These brokers would be the people who are actually involved in the discussions. These brokers can provide some valuable advice to the attorneys handling the case if the attorney is not specialized in the field of structured settlements.

The broker needs to be provided with all the personal details of the attorney’s client as well as employment and medical history relating to that individual. Also, the financial and credit history has to be provided for the broker’s perusal. The broker usually works with the individual’s lawyer and helps in the negotiations with the other party to reach a proper settlement that would meet the client’s needs to the maximum.

A broker is able to advise the attorney on various offers available that could suit the client’s needs. The broker must be able to provide detailed description for each of these offers and should be able to answer all the queries relating to these offers. This is very important since a finalized structured settlement is not open for any changes or negotiations by either party. This can be problematic if the client gets into a wrong settlement that does not really meet the requisite needs. However, if the other party proves to be bothersome, this might provide some added security.

Usually, structured settlement brokers can also help the client in selling part or whole of their settlement if the need arises. However, no broker would be able to get a complete market value for the settlement, irrespective of the broker's negotiation skills.

It is a good practice to hire a registered broker since they are specialized in the field of structured settlements and can provide the best advice. Also, these brokers have a good background in finance and would be able to assist when the time comes for liquidating the settlement.

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