Friday, June 09, 2006 

Structured Settlement Annuity: What Is It And When To Use One

It happens every day. What starts out as a seemingly normal day for thousands of people turns into a nightmare when an unexpected mishap occurs that can change someone's life forever. A car accident, a simple medical procedure gone wrong, an altercation with someone. These events alter the courses of peoples lives every day.

What if it happens to you? What if suddenly due to someone else's negligence you were unable to continue to work?

Naturally, you'd want to be compensated for this hardship. What form should this compensation take? A lump sum payout or structured payments over a set period of time?

First and foremost you need to hire professional representation. to help you get through the court proceedings. Once you are through, it may be determined that the damages owed to you should be paid out using a "Structured Settlement Annuity."

But what is a structured settlement annuity?

Simply, A structured settlement is an agreement between a plaintiff and a defendant under which the injured person (plaintiff) receives damages in the form of a stream of periodic payments purchased for the plaintiff on behalf of the defendant.

Over the years these have been shown to effectively meet a plaintiff or claimant's need for security.

Why should you use one?

There are a number of reasons but the first two are that it prevents an undisciplined spender from going through a lump sum payment too quickly.

The other is that if you use a structured settlement annuity that provides periodic payments, the claimant is entitled to significant tax relief that receiving a lump sum payout does not.

A structured settlement provides security over time that a lump sum payout simply cannot.

It is important to note, that the security of the payments is only as strong as the financial strength of the company that issues the annuity. Therefore, care, research and seeking out trustworthy advice is paramount when choosing a financial institution to issue the annuity.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Life Settlement: Receive the Highest Payment

A life settlement also known as a life insurance settlement, senior life settlement, or a senior settlement is quickly becoming a beneficial option for senior citizens across the nation. Life settlements allows senior to cash in their life insurance, but in a new way. Instead of cashing in their policy with the original life insurance company, they can work with a life settlement broker to cash in their policy with a financial institution that will pay more than their insurance company’s surrender value.

Seniors nationwide are quickly learning that surrendering their life insurance policy to their insurance company will not always reward them with the highest payment. Many insurance companies offer a low cash value and some policies don’t have cash value at all. Life Settlement brokers and companies have the ability to do a brief analysis to determine if the settlement will be greater than the cash value. Life Settlements also do not require any obligation, costs, medical exams, or hassles. Seniors can find out the true value of their policy through a Life Settlement and do not have commit to selling the policy.

The life settlement broker will take a basic application and then find out the value of the policy, if the life settlement amount is not what the senior expected or is too low, the senior does not have to move forward. There is no risk involved for the senior. Another key benefit for seniors and financial professionals utilizing a life settlement broker is the financial resources. A broker will use a handful of financial institutions and investors to find the highest payment for the policyholder. Brokers will also use the power of negotiations to the net policyholder a higher payment.

A life settlement can be a wonderful financial planning tool. It is however important to take the correct steps to receiving the highest settlement payout. The process can be completed quickly once the initial analysis has been completed on the policy and the policyholder.

Insurance agents, accountants, and financial professionals can also work with a life settlement broker to assist their clients with the process. A financial professional not offering a settlement option to a policy holder who is going to lapse or surrender their policy is not following their fiduciary duties.

Grant Shellhammer is located in sunny Orlando, FL. He is a licensed insurance agent and affliate Life Settlement Broker with Life Settlement Pro. Grant works with senior citizens and financial professionals nationwide to receive the highest available offers for their life insurance policies.

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